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“Si-LIGHT” present unique Lighting Designs

All “Si-LIGHT” designs are made from a natural material – veneers (very thin wood sheets). As it is widely known, wood is not only a very important material used in architectural structures, but also a timeless resource which stands out in interior design and its components. Only few materials are as versatile as wood and make an impact in all kinds of interiors.

The past few decades lighting installations and designs have become more and more important tools to achieve the desired aesthetic affects with illumination. With that in mind, “Si-LIGHT” have succeeded in creating a hard to repeat, warm ambiance.

“Si-LIGHT” has strong, environmentally friendly standards and sees transparency of every production and design aspect as a high priority. 

Why are we so passionate about design?


Firstly, it is important to us to promote our cultural heritage, tell stories and evoke positive emotions. The second reason for creating hand-made lighting designs from natural materials (veneers), is to restore the significant connection with nature, which many of us have lost by living in isolated urban environments.  

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